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Description of goods

In aluminium and aluminium alloy smelting time easy to inhale and oxidation, and therefore must be preserved and coating agent, it will in molten aluminium melting and forming a physical barrier between oxidation atmosphere in furnace, it would significantly reduce the formation of oxide inclusions in aluminum liquid, thus to improve casting quality, product applications.

FHFG - 1: aluminum alloy for pure aluminum and high magnesium alloy

Fhfh-2: (non-sodium covering) for magnesium alloys, because the product does not contain any form of sodium salt and does not cause the alloy to be brittle

Product feature

Can form a dense protective layer, reduce the involvement of the gas, slow down due to less surface is caused by oxidation of the metal loss, have appropriate melting point, good liquidity, the advantages of better coverage, amount is less, the cost is low, the formation of slag metal content is very low.Chemical composition and method of use: the main ingredient is chlorine salt, fluoride salts, and other salts and compound, all components through the appropriate processing, removing the adsorption of water and water of crystallization, and through the screening process, ensure uniform particle size, each yuan, according to the best ratio of formula, to ensure that the cover agent melting point is 700-760, after the melting aluminium on the surface of the liquid viscosity is small, the flow performance is good, and after coating agent, can guarantee in a short period of time in the form of liquid aluminium surface protective film of a very thin layer of liquid.


The usual use is 0.3kg/m2, but also depends on the duration of the aluminum solution in the furnace, the temperature of the aluminum liquid and the moisture of the air.

Packaging and storage: 2KG/bag 20KG/box

Storage: kept in a dry and ventilated place

Validity: 12 months