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Slag Remover (Slag-removing Flux) (Type FHQZ-1,FHQZ-2)
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Description of goods

White powder flux


Separate impurities from foundry aluminium and aluminium alloys ,dry dross, and easily remove the dross from the molten aluminium.

How to use

After refining treatment, there will be some oxide impurities and bubbles on the surface of molten ,sprinkle the dross-off flux on the surface at that  time. To mix it carefully only on the upper part of the melt,dont stop until the dross turns into the dry white power .Puddle the dross with a skimmer For best results the melt should preferably be 680-750

Appreciated rate

0.15-0.25% of the molten aluminium.



Slag remover flux

Easy working

Separate the dross from the melt efficiently

Minimize metal loss in dross,and can be used to recover metal from hot dross

Low cost,economic benefit


500g/pcs or2KG/bag 20KG/carton


To be stored in a dry warehouse

Valid date:

12 months


Appearance:white powder


Mesh size-14um