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Grain Refiner
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Description of goods

The refining flux is used by refined powder spraying machine, by the carrier gas (nitrogen or argon) injection to melt the bottom of countless bubbles formed in liquid aluminum, the bubbles from the bottom upward floating process in contact with the liquid and fully, through physical and chemical action, brought the gases and inclusions in aluminum liquid to liquid aluminum surface, reach the purpose of in addition to gas at the same time, through a large number of applications have proved that the refining agent on the pure aluminum and aluminum alloy degassing slag has a significant effect.

Grain refiners containing titanium (with or without boron) control the structure and dispersion of individual crystals in metals to produce finer grain sized castings. They provide consistent improved mechanical strength and soundness of the casting.

Product features:

The amount of H2O in the agent is low in liquidity, but it can be effectively degassing, removing slag, producing less smoke, less quantity and low cost. 


Put powder refining flux in powder spraying machine, through the carrier through the trachea injection to the liquid aluminum, use the trachea as close as possible to melt the bottom, drag out the trachea made back and forth and refining additives fully contact with the liquid aluminum, achieve the goal of refining, in the process of refining operation, the operator can be sent through the barometer powder turns freely control the flow of carrier gas and refining agent, from the level control of liquid aluminum rolling, as far as possible to reduce the secondary pollution.

Product specification

Product name scope of usage refining temperature


Product name



Temperature ℃

Fhjl-1 aluminum alloy other than pure aluminum and high magnesium alloy

The melt weight of 0.1-0.2% is usually 0.15%


Fhjl-2 high silicon alloy

The melt weight of 0.1-0.2% is usually 0.15%


Fhjl-3 high magnesium alloy

The melt weight of 0.1-0.2% is usually 0.15%


Fhjl-4 renewable aluminium industry

The melt weight of 0.1-0.2% is usually 0.15%



Packing: 2KG/bag 20KG/box


Stored in ventilated dry place, protected from moisture, can be dried at 150 ℃, after 5 mesh sieve and continue to use.

Validity: 12 months