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Due to your consistent support and trust, Asian Metal will hold the "6th International Refractory Materials Summit" in Beijing during 19-20 April, 2018. On the forum, all refractory material producers, traders, consumers and related participants from all over the world will get together, exploring the direction of the development and find a breakthrough for the refractory material industry! The organizer of the Summit sincerely invites all of you to attend this grand event.

In 2017, China paid more and more attention to energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection due to increasing fuel prices and labor costs, shortage of ores, etc., have jointly resulted in surging prices for magnesia, alumina, silicon carbide, graphite and other refractory raw materials. The relation between supply and demand has changed in the refractory market; the phenomenon of overstocked refractory raw materials has completely disappeared this year; the refractory raw materials market is booming; prices for part of refractory raw materials have reached the historical peak in the year.

In 2016, the Chinese refractory raw materials market was deadlocked with overstocks. In 2017, the market prices surged based on tight supply and resource shortage amid the severe production suspension and reduction. Will the environmental inspection be upgraded with new environmental protection tax to be officially implemented in 2018? Will the Chinese refractory raw materials market further yield positive results?